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User Based Package Deployments failing after upgrade of clients to SCCM 1606 (Version 5.00.8412.1007)

After upgrade to SCCM 1606 and the 2 latest hotfixes, if we upgrade the SCCM Clients to the latest version (5.00.8412.1007), all user based Package Deployments fail with the below error and we see the same both in Software Center and Application Catalog as below:

Application Installation not started
You have limited permission to request and install applications on this computer. This can occur with one of the following conditions:
1.You do not have administrative permissions for this computer.
2.You are working on a Remote Desktop Connection session and you are not the default user for that Remote Desktop Connection computer.
3.You are running Internet Explorer by using a different account from the account that you used to log in.
4.You are logged on to this computer but you are not a primary user for this computer.

When we check the logs at the same time, we see the 2 logs showing up the error as below:

[1][08/24/2016 13:53:58] :ApplicationDetailViewModel.InstallAppProgression:Begin call to client SDK to decide if user is allowed and supported to install.
[1][08/24/2016 13:53:58] :ApplicationDetailViewModel.CanUserInstall:Call to decide whether the user is allowed to request succeeded and returned False for supported and True for allowed
[1][08/24/2016 13:53:58] :ApplicationDetailViewModel.CanUserInstall-Error:User is not allowed or supported to install on the current machine
[1][08/24/2016 13:53:58] :ApplicationDetailViewModel.InstallAppProgression:Call to client SDK to decide if user is allowed and supported to install finished.
[1][08/24/2016 13:53:58] :ApplicationDetailViewModel.UpdatePageView:PageViewMode changed to:FastInstallError
[1][08/24/2016 13:53:59] :FastInstallPageView:Create Page View FastInstallError

At the same time, if we check CCMSDKProvider, we get that it is calling the below but even with verbose we do not have any additional information:
Calling GetUserCapability. CCMSDKProvider 8/24/2016 1:58:24 PM 6276 (0x1884)

We have been able to repro the same in the latest SCCM 1606 Environment with the 2 latest hotfixes installed.

Subsequently it’s the same with 1511 and 1602

Workaround: After user logs in for the first time, it fails and after we reboot, it starts working

Can anyone please provide inputs on the same and if this is expected. But this looks like an issue with 1511, 1602 and 1606 as we have repro’d

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Pramod Kashyap shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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  • Chris commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Pramod,

    This behavior is By Design and has been this way even before 1511 was released. In this case the issue is that multiple users are logged in, and packages/programs do not support multi-user scenarios.

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