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Check if Cloud Service name is valid during Cloud Proxy Wizard

When deploying the new Cloud Proxy Service role in SCCM 1606, the user is asked to provide a Cloud Service Name. However, the UX does not explain that this is needs to be globally unique in all of Azure. I chose the name of 'SCCMCloud' turns out someone else already got that one though, and so the wizard completes and then fails in provisioning.

This is sloppy. The UX should include instructions for the end-user to validate their name first (which can be done in Azure -> Cloud Service -> New, you're able to test various names until you find one which is unique to all of Azure), OR the UX should integrate the same logic found in Azure and validate the name before we proceed.

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    Creating hosted service "cloudproxy"
    ERROR: Communication exception occured. Http Status Code: Conflict, Error Message: The specified DNS name is already taken., Exception Message: The remote server returned an unexpected response: (409) Conflict..

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