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Application Dependency Management

Managing applications and understanding their dependencies is a significant challenge. Having the ability to understand what applications depend on system components, such as .NET or other, would be a significant benefit to ensure minimal production impact when working to upgrade an operating system or an application version. A recent example in a customers infrastructure was legacy software with dependencies on a specific version of .NET. Being able to see what these dependencies are ahead of time across the enterprise and manage them proactively would have been a huge win.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree 100%

    There are some custom reports out there to list dependencies and it is not a simple affair given they store that info in XML I believe (why, SQL???) and just the way Apps/Deployment Types work/organized.

    I completely agree dependency management is a total pain to manage, very manual and automation complex (XML again).

    1. App Relationships tab: AWESOME, but please give an option to exclude old revisions, retired apps etc A built in report?

    2. App Relationships tab: Please allow to open objects and edit. I have to look at this list, then search and edit the apps separately because if I use the link in the tab its read only.

    3. Ability to remove an app from all dependency groups.

    4. Ability to ADD an app to all dependency groups of object it is superseding (auto install options etc).

  • Daniel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In our SCCM application environment, we have a couple of dependencies.

    With "application properties -> View Relationship -> Dependency" we're able to check what dependencies are defined for application A.

    But in addition, we also want to know for which applications, app A is used as dependency.
    The information is already available in the "reference" panel in the application properties, but we would like to have this also as a graphical view.

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