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Need a filter for MAC Address picker on report Network > MAC - Computers for a specific MAC address

Since the MAC address isn't added to heartbeat discovery data, it's really hard to go from a MAC address to a device name in the console. This comes up all the time when troubleshooting things like PXE logs. We end up having to use the "Network > MAC - Computers for a specific MAC address" report.

Unfortunately, that report contains a list of every MAC address in your environment. Since MAC's are often only different by a few characters at the end, it is really hard to 1) skim the list and pick what you want, or 2) type in the MAC address to have it find the exact entry.

A quick solution is to include a MAC Address Filter text box that works like the Device Name Filter box on Compliance 5 - Specific Computer.

Please add a MAC Address Filter text box... I'm pretty sure you could get that into 1606 before it ships. :-)

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Nash Pherson (MVP) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Zach Sattler commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've done this in the past by editing the report that you want to build off of (ex: Network > MAC - Computers for a specific MAC address) and then just save it as a new report to your report server (ex: Network > MAC - Computers for a specific MAC address with filter). In this case you can do the following changes to add a filter to that report:
    - Parameters
    - Add parameter - MACAddressFilter
    - General Tab
    - Name: MACAddressFilter
    - Prompt: MACAddressFilter
    - Data type: Text
    - Check "Allow blank value("")"
    - Select parameter visibility: Visible
    - Available Values Tab - None
    - Default Values Tab
    - Check "Specify values"
    - Click Add and clear the value so its blank - It will default to (Null) but I cleared this.
    - Datasets
    - DataSet1
    - Parameters Tab
    - Parameter Name: filterwildcard
    - Paramater Value: [@MACAddressFilter]
    The main DataSet1 query is already built to use the @filterwildcard parameter so you don't need to edit anything there. Once I added the parameter and changed the @filterwildcard value to be this parameter the report ran and worked for me and allow the use of %something% to filter. Hope this helps!

  • Nash Pherson (MVP) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I take it back... I want one like Compliance 2 - Specific software updates, not like Compliance 5. Compliance 2 just lets you use a %something% and return all results that are like it.

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