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Ability to set Multiple Remote Control Privileges to Collection(s)

I have previously reported this as an issue in the Connect Site but was Closed "By Design".
So here is the original idea that was filed:
There is a serious issue with the way Client Settings are applied when you need to provide different levels of remote control privileges for specific Users/Groups on Collections.
For example:
Let's assume we have the Collection of Devices named "Windows 8.1 Clients", the requirements for remote control are:

1) The "Helpdesk" Group of users should have the ability to "View Only" via remote control the client devices.
2) The "L2 Support" Group of users should have the ability to "Full" remotely control the client Devices.

This cannot be achieved in the current version (2012 R2), whatever way you try to do it you end up with all of the above groups having the most strict setting!

Original Link in Connect:

Similar idea in uservoice but not so detailed:

I hope this gets enough votes to become implemented as it is a feature that has been asked numerous times from my clients and trainees.

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  • Jos Hankey commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I actually ran into this as an issue recently. We want training user/heads of departments to be able to remote in to users' workstations with view only. At the same time the IT and software platforms support need to use the tool for full control.

  • Humam Al Khaled commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree on what you are suggesting. I had the same requirements from my company in which some users should have Remote View access only and others should have Remote Control access. However, we had to do some workaround, we used the Built-in Windows Remote Assistance tool with a policy to disable Request for Control option for whom Remote View Access is required and we used the normal Remote Control Viewer for whom Remote Control access is needed.

    I hope the above can help you to overcome your issue :)

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