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Boot Image Password protection - make "enable command prompt" in boot images more secure

Make it possible to password protect the F8 command prompt during OSD.

the F8 support is very usefull for troubleshhoting but it is alos a security issue. Having two bootmedias (one with and one without) isn't a workaround since you will have to reboot to get the F8 support and the problem may not occur during the second atempt.

Allowing us to password protect the prompt gives a secure function that doesn't require a reboot when you have to troubleshoot.

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Updated by bobmn for sangeev/OSD


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  • Curt R commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Whenever we have a CM RAAS (healthcheck), Microsoft flags the fact that we have enabled the command prompt in the boot image. Microsoft advises the command prompt/labshell only be enabled in test environments, but in reality it's commonly enabled in production environments. Is it possible to add an additional password prompt so if a user presses F8 during a TS, it will not launch DOS unless specific credentials are entered, and if no credentials are entered any prompt would close (and the TS would continue) after a pre-set timeout is reached.

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