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Allow us the ability to view all variables and their values that are available in a task sequence (both built-in and custom) via a gui

While testing some new functionality in SCCM 1602 current branch I inadvertently searched for a possible new variable using the 'set dynamic variable' step.

Unfortunately that doesn't list read only variables in the 'existing variables' list (read only variables begin with _). It would be awesome if this gui would list all built-in variables (including read-only ones) as this would make searching for a particular variable easier than having to google or bing it.

Secondly, how about the option to list all custom defined variables in this gui, along with their values (if any). today we get the following headings Name, Description, how about adding one more, Value.

The reasons I think this is important is

* saving time searching for new variables on Technet
* as ConfigMgr changes version often, being able to list all current variables available to that product version would be great
* debugging task sequences to see what custom variables values are set to what value


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Thanks for the feedback.

Updated by bobmn for sangeev/OSD


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