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App-V 5 Deployment Type publishing option

App-V 5 Deployment Type should have the option per-deployment type of how the App-V 5 package is installed (per-machine, per-user or determined by target)

Allow for this would offer;
1. Consistency of options between deployment types (same as for MSI..)
2. Ensuring a consistent application deployment which will ease admin management (decrease management overhead when removing the application as a sample)
3. Allow to control deployment type based on end-point, not target collection.
4. By allowing admins to set per-machine publishing a fully functional application can be ensured, which would leverage all integration points (not possible when using per-user publishing).

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  • Brand Wylie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would really like to see this get more traction. We recently adopted App-V and a User-Centric application delivery strategy. The SCCM feature of user publishing when targeting a user collection unless using 'Pre-deploy' (then its global) is causing us serious grief. The biggest pain point for us is Collection Groups. If one app in a Collection Group is setup for Pre-Deploy then the app and Collection Group are published globally. If later the user via self service installs another app that is in the same Connection Group (user targeted) then the second app is published to the user catalog but the same Collection Group (global). My understanding is that this is not allow / supported and the Collection Group breaks.

    A potential feature solution would be the ability to override how a particular app or deployment type published, user vs global.

  • Jeroen Bakker commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would be extremely useful if we can set a deployment to user collections to globally publish the app-v. The difference in publishing mode between our Citrix (always system targeted installations --> global app-v publishing) and Windows client (mostly user targeted installations --> user app-v publishing) increases the required effort to manage shortcuts etcetera.

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