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chained installation of Applications

We have certain applications which needs to be installed together. Like 30 to 40 MSi files related to same application. One of the MSI files is main application and rest of them have to be installed in a sequence. Currently we can do this sequence installation by creating dependencies of application to another application and thus creating a chain. But if anyone application fails to install in the chain,remaiinign applications fail to install. It also not possible to see in the GUI of software center to check which application failed. We have to go to log files to know this.

I would like to a feature where I get a GUI to arrange the applications in a sequence and deploy.

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  • Andreas Aufmuth commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Don't know, if this is exactly what you are talking about, but I also like some chaining.
    E.g. after installation of Photoshop, I want to install a plugin if applicable to this machine/user.
    I do not want the user to manually install both applications (where the plugin is not available, because requieremnts (existing photoshop) were not met during last check) or install the plugin, which then pre-install Photoshop.
    Users don't want "Plugin", they want "Photoshop" and admins do not want to call the plugin-application Photoshop.

  • Chandru commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Task sequence however satisfies this requirement, but task sequence cannot be published like an application to SCCM application catalog

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