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DCR: Task Sequence Export / Import

Add an optional option to provide new source location path for each package, application, ... when importing a Task Sequence that has been exported with content and references. Imagine you have 2 ConfigMgr environment a Test and a Production environment completely isolated from each other and you want an easy way to sync. A cool thing would be to only export "Metadata" of the Task Sequence and all References (Applications, Packages, ...). At the target site you have the same folder structure for content source for example \\sccmsources\share\Applications,\\sccmsources\share\Packages, ... and so on. If you start the import, you will be asked the same way like now for location. The wizard will detect that the folder structure is identical and ask if you want to use it or otherwise change it manually for each reference if needed. Currently the only option is to import everything and change the folder structure in a scripted way, which causes all references to regenerate Hash code, adding a new revision which can be avoided easily.

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  • James Mymryk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Further expand on this: Goal is to be able to have Automated TS Export and Import process similar to how Migration Works but with replace of destination source file locations, and has to work with being able to import into a lower version or notify that there have been changes and unable to import until site versions are at parity. Why that last part? There will be times while you run your DEV / PRE- Production environment higher than the production environment while evaluating the impact of an upgrade, but still have to move updated content through the systems.

    Need to be able to do the following:
    A): Provide an export type that can be modified for import into a new environment with the scenarios as:
    - All New Import, None of the Applications / Boot images etc exist on destination system.
    - Able to specify the new location for Source Files and any Package / Application ID's are automatically updated to the new locations in TS on import
    - Pre-existing programs / Applications / boot images in destination system are not be overwritten provide an input file to map source to destination applications for existing and automatically generate and update TS with any new Packages

    B): Provide an Export type with the ability to Map the package / Application ID's and Path's from one environment (DEV) to the new Environment (PROD)
    - Identify net new packages in the destination environment and Import only new with new source destination Paths and outputs the ID's to a file to be mapped with provided export source information.
    - Ability to then modify export file for import with the new mappings and adjust values within tasksequence
    - At a minimum specify a new root package path identifier i.e. be able to change the resource and share name of packages from \\\DEV$\OSD to \\\PROD$\OSD

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