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Detection rule logic change in Application module

Dear All,

we are using more than one detection rule for all our applications(script installer) that are created in our environment.

During installation, the detection rule (AND condition) works fine and we face no issues.

But there are cases when the uninstallation fails in the middle of the script, we get the message as REMOVAL FAILED in the software center, and out of 3 detection rule one or two get removed (partly uninstalled) , but not the whole application is uninstalled from the machine. And when we run the RETRY for removing the application, SCCM check for installation status based on the detection rules and the detection rule returns false, which makes SCCM to believe the application is no more installed in the machine and vanishes from the software center without even executing the uninstallation again.

This brings inconsistency in the application uninstallation, and few application are partly uninstalled and broken. And when we try to reinstall the application on the same machine, it even fails to install the application, since it has a broken application because of this partial Uninstall.

And this can be rectified only when the detection rule work vice versa for Uninstallation, i.e all the detection rule values must be removed from the machine , only then sccm should declare the application is removed from the machine or by creating custom scripts for detection rule (which we don’t want to). But sccm doesn’t work that way.

So the detection logic can be changed to make it work the other way during uninstallation.

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